Welcome to The Birdhouse Fund

Hello Birds,

We believe birds should always support each other, and that’s why we’re thrilled to welcome you to the Birdhouse Fund.

The Birdhouse Fund is not one of those charities where you’ve no idea what happens to your money after you have run seventy miles to raise it; or where you’re constantly bombarded with free pens and guilt-inducing newsletters. The Birdhouse Fund is a brand new idea, set up by Manchester women for other local women, who are struggling to achieve their full potential –often because life has dealt them some nasty knocks. This fund will help them to make a new start; whether it’s through training, developing their skills, or supporting them via community projects.


And it’s also about creating a brand new community of women who want to be part of new style of charity, where you feel truly involved, in as big or small as way as you like. It’s about creating a new wave of modern, female philanthropy. That means you’ll see where the money’s going… you might even meet the recipients. You’ll understand the problems you’re helping to solve- and what’s more you’ll have a damn good time while you raise essential cash.

There are tons of ways you can join us- from a tiny donation to a huge idea. Just sign up, and help to make a big change in women’s lives.

Want to get involved? Email us here.


To make a donation NOW please click here - and don’t worry, by using our Local Giving page your Gift Aid will automatically be sorted.